Argentium Sterling Silver

Silver is not just silver anymore. The metal now has a new incarnation in the form of Argentium Sterling Silver. This unprecedented, patented material is redefining the jewelry industry. Argentium sterling silver has dramatically better tarnish resistance than standard sterling silver and is much more durable. While it still contains the 92.5% fine silver legally required for sterling, Argentium replaces about 1% of the normal copper content in sterling with germanium, significantly altering the alloy’s properties. This silver alloy has several benefits: it is nearly twice as hard as traditional sterling silver, has a whiter color than standard sterling silver, has a memory to keep its original shape, it does not use chemical treatments normally associated with sterling silver, which makes it environmentally friendly. Argentium Sterling Silver keeps its shine for two years without polishing. The major benefits of Argentium are tarnish resistance, and resistance to dents scratches and abrasions.

A light dusting or occasional wipe with a soft cloth are all you need to keep its shine. The resistance actually increases over time (the germanium atoms migrate to the surface, which allows the protective germanium oxide layer to regenerate).

Some of the world’s leading retailers, including Tiffany and Gucci have already made products with Argentium(TM) Sterling Silver. Renowned silver expert Charles Allenden says, “Argentium Sterling Silver is the most tarnish-resistant sterling silver that has ever been developed. Extensive testing in independent laboratories have shown that if standard sterling silver tarnishes in two weeks, then Argentium(TM) Sterling Silver will still be tarnish-free after two years. This does not rely on plating or coatings that will degrade or be washed off over time.”

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